Nokia to Enter Software-As-A-Service Market

Nokia Corp. introduced software-as-a-service to offer communication service providers (CSPs) a cheaper, more flexible, and more customer-centric method for operating networks and delivering new services.

As soon as early 2022, the Finnish telecommunications-equipment manufacturer plans to offer multiple SaaS for CSP services such as analytics, security, and data management.

CSPs need to shift away from custom software for analytics, security, and network management that runs on costly, complex on-premise infrastructure to seize the 5G opportunity, Nokia said.

Nokia’s approach to SaaS for CSPs aims to reduce complexity and increase value through innovative software consumed purely on demand through a subscription model, it stated.

Nokia says it is targeting a SaaS addressable market of CSPs and enterprises with an estimated value of $3.1 billion and a growth rate of 25%-30% for the period 2021-2025.
According to the company, it is in talks with several CSPs about using its SaaS services, including security.